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A: J3 is a group of NO cost IT Consultants who help our clients improve their technology and reduce costs.  At no time will you ever recieve a bill from J3 nor will we take any of your cost savings.   

A: J3’s services are free to our clients so that we always put our clients requirements and best-interests above all. J3 does this because of our “mutually beneficial” partner relationships and referral programs.  We are a vendor agnostic group who develop an understanding of the challenges facing our clients and deliver a solution that meets their needs.  

A: No. J3 does not add a mark-up to any of our quotes.  In fact, our clients find that we can deliver a better solution for a lower price.  

A: J3 saves our clients “time” by taking over the timely tasks of contacting providers, answering technical questions and reviewing proposals.  We package the solution into one presentation or quote and deliver it to our clients.  This allows our clients to spend less time dealing with providers and more time working on external and internal customers.  

A: Through our extensive network of global, national and local providers we can determine the best fit and solution for our clients and then negiotiate for you based on current and future budget requirements.

A: Please use the form below and send us an email or contact us at 813-756-7988 via phone or text.  We willl match you up with the right consultant for your needs.

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J3 provides a comprehensive set of solutions focused on assisting our customers in maximizing the business value of their technology investments.

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