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Data Center Infrastructure & Equipment

Network Infrastructure

The modern network is an intelligent, converged platform that drives data, applications, video, voice, and mobility. 

Data Management and Storage

A well designed storage architecture lets companies consolidate, protect,  manage, access, and recover data across hybrid cloud environments. 

Data Center Modernization

The data center modernization mandate never ends: cheaper, faster, more secure, more features, higher availability, better performance, easier  to use. 

Data Center Moves

Whether moving a data center from one physical location to another or  performing a data center migration to the cloud, there is little room for error. 

Data Center Rapid Deployment

J3 helps companies strategically decouple and stand up data centers  rapidly so users and customers get access to the systems and technology  they need—quickly and seamlessly. 

Need Equipment? Contact J3 for all your infrastructure needs.  From new, used or refurbished, J3 has it all at cost competitive pricing.